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Too Bad Kobo Never Released a Kobo Mini 2


When you look at Kobo’s current lineup of ebook readers, it feels like there’s something missing at the lower end of the price scale. They used to offer the Kobo Touch 2.0 for $89, which was very similar to the current $79 Kindle (both have the same low-end 167 ppi E Ink Pearl screen with […]

10 Free Kindle Books and Kindle Book Deals


There’s not much action this time of year regarding ebook readers so let’s do another roundup of 10 free Kindle books. Please note that the free Kindle books listed below are free as of February 20th, 2018. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days […]

What Could Amazon Have In Store for a Kindle Paperwhite 4?


When you look closely at the current Kindle Paperwhite, it’s starting to lag behind other ebook readers in certain areas. Not just other brands like the Nook Glowlight 3 and Kobo models that offer more storage space and have frontlights with adjustable color temperature, but also other Kindles. For instance, the basic $79 Kindle has […]

How to Use Multiple Libraries on Kobo Aura One


One of the unique features with the Kobo Aura One is its ability to search for and download library ebooks directly from the Kobo store for free. Other Kobo ebook readers and most ePub ereaders in general require using a computer to download library ebooks and Adobe Digital Editions to transfer them to the reader. […]

Amazon Trade-In Deal Takes 25% off Fire Tablets


Now that the $50 off Kindle Paperwhite trade-in deal has ended, Amazon has started a new trade-in deal where you can get 25% off any current Fire tablet when trading in an old tablet. You can also use the value of the trade-in credit towards the purchase, so if you’ve got an old tablet laying […]

32GB Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model $89 at Woot (Ended)


Today only Woot has the Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model on sale for $89. It has 32GB of internal storage space instead of the usual 4GB like on the regular Kindle Paperwhite. They are selling them as refurbished and they’re available in both black and white models. It’s the Wi-Fi with Special Offers (ads) version but […]

Viewing Popular Highlights on Kindles


Have you ever noticed the Popular Highlights that are available on Kindle ebooks? Kindles have a lot of features and some of them are easy to overlook. Popular Highlights is one feature that I’ve never paid much attention to. In fact I usually have them turned off so I don’t get distracted by them while […]

New 7.8-inch Pocketbook InkPad 3 Looks Interesting


PocketBook is releasing a third-generation version of their Pocketbook InkPad ereader that looks quite nice. The new InkPad 3, also known as the Pocketbook 740, features a 7.8-inch E Ink Carta screen with 300 ppi like the Kobo Aura One. But unlike the Kobo it adds page buttons, a microSD card slot, and it supports […]

Free: The Eye of the World eBook by Robert Jordan (Ended)


If you like epic fantasy novels, Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World is the start to one of the most epic fantasy series ever written, and for the next two days the ebook is free over at After a seven month hiatus, Tor has brought back their ebook club where they give away […]

Amazon Adds New Cover Designs to Kindle for Kids Bundle


It looks like Amazon is experimenting with some new creative cover designs for their Kindle for Kids bundle. The Kids Kindle doesn’t appear to sell nearly as well as the other Kindles (it only has 43 posted reviews after being available for over 1 year) so they’re probably looking for new ways to make it […]

Large Print Mode on Kobo eBook Readers Makes UI Text Larger


Have you tried the new Large Print Mode setting that was added to Kobo ereaders with one of the recent updates? I hadn’t noticed it until just now because it wasn’t mentioned in the release notes, but it’s a new feature they added recently. The Large Print option is located under Beta Features in the […]

10 Free Kindle Books and Kindle Deals


Now is a good time for another roundup of 10 free Kindle ebooks for the weekend. There are lots of highly-rated thrillers available right now. The Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle continue to be on sale until Valentine’s Day, as are Fire tablets and other Amazon devices. Please note that the free Kindle books listed below […]

Will You Buy eBooks From Walmart?


Two weeks ago Kobo and Walmart announced a new partnership that will make Walmart Kobo’s exclusive retail partner in the United States, so Kobo’s ereaders will finally be available from retail stores in the US once again. Additionally, Walmart will start selling ebooks and audiobooks from and through co-branded apps with Kobo for Android, […]

Frontlights Still Vary Greatly From One to the Next


The current Kindle Paperwhite has been out for over 2.5 years now, and the Paperwhite line originally launched back in 2012 with the first frontlit Kindle. After that long of making them you’d think they would all come out looking the same, but that’s not the case at all. It’s amazing how much frontlights vary […]

Kobo Aura Edition 2 Marked Down to $99


Once again Kobo has the 2nd gen Kobo Aura on sale for $99, matching the price of the Kindle Paperwhite that’s also on sale this week. Of course the Kobo Aura doesn’t have ads like the Paperwhite that cost an extra $20 to remove, so it’s even cheaper when considering that factor. The Kobo Aura […]